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We handle all sorts of texts, be they general, technical or corporate, and we've also developed a number of unique specializations:
  • adoption
  • advertising
  • coins and minting
  • computer security (cryptography)
  • consumer products
  • customer relationship management (CRM) and loyalty
  • electronic banking systems
  • environment
  • fair trade
  • geothermal HVAC systems
  • grocery operations
  • hardware, tools and building supplies
  • healthcare management
  • information technology
  • lotteries, gambling and games of chance
  • marketing
  • retail operations
  • sustainability
  • travel, tourism and hotels
  • smart-card technology
  • telephony and telecommunication
  • university administration
  • Web sites
Corporate brochures, annual reports, technical documents, user manuals, company newsletters and ad copy: we handle them all, and then some! We'll work with you and your team to get your message out.

Food for Thought

Life is not a cost-benefit analysis. Enjoy it now.

  - David Shotlander


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