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Here's what our clients have to say

Simply put, our clients love doing business with us! (Sure, we used to be conceited, but now we're perfect.) Read on to find out about what some of them have to say.

If you'd like to have your comments included on our site, just drop us a line!

"The work is perfect. [...] We all take our hats off to you for this one, because it wasn't exactly an easy job."

- Claude Girard, President, Ardecom

"Thanks for your efficiency and the accuracy of the translation."

- Jacques Jobin, Coordonnateur marketing, Mondou

"Thank you very, very much for the excellent work! I am both delighted with the translations you've delivered and looking forward to working with you again."

- Micheline Fyfe, Communications Advisor, Corporate Communications and Public Relations Division, Loto-Québec

"I have nothing but great things to say about your service and look forward to working with you again."

- Suzanne Roche, Account Executive, Anderson DDB Montréal

"I just wanted to pass on the excellent comments we received from the director of the Foundation regarding your last adaptation. He told me that it was the best he'd received from us since we started working for the Foundation in 1994. Many thanks."

- Marcel Théroux, President, Solliposte

"Thanks so very much for your speed on this project... I know I sometimes ask for the impossible, but you always manage to fulfill my every expectation."

- Annie Henderson, Manager, Group Promotions, Société des casinos du Québec

"I am so impressed with your quick response. EVERY TIME! Thanks so much."

- Julie Tuttle, Product Manager, Focus Electrics (formerly Back to Basics Products Inc.)

"I was particularly impressed with the high quality of your work: it made mine a lot easier. And I've done business with all kinds of translators before. Bravo, and thanks!"

- David Giguère, Vice-president, Development Strategies, RONA Inc.

"Ha! You're the best! Thanks!"

- Mariane Léveillé, Web editor, Institutional Communications, Loto-Québec

"Thanks a million for your speed and efficiency. Until next time!"

- Pierre Fortier, Art Director, Société des casinos du Québec, inc.

"Cheers, [...] thanks for the speedy turnaround."

- Brendan Hodgson, Director, Canada Netcoms, Hill & Knowlton Publishers

"Wow! Thanks for that , proofing and then some! Many thanks for the quick turnaround."

- Janet Yates, Advertising Manager, Royal Canadian Mint

Food for Thought

Languages are like cities in that both change naturally over time. Anyone who thinks otherwise is in for a shock.

               - David Shotlander

                    President, TWF

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