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A career is a vehicle, a map, a road and a destination all bundled into one. What are you waiting for? Hop in!

More word-power than a locomotive? More qualifiers than a zippy bullet point? Able to express complex thoughts in a single sentence?

We're always on the lookout for genuinely talented translators with impeccable writing skills and a nanoscopic eye for detail.

If you consider yourself a linguistic mastermind and have the mot juste to prove it, send us your CV and let us know who you are! If you have any questions related to positions at TWF, drop us a line.

We're currently seeking freelance and full-time professionals for the following positions:

  • Freelance translator/reviser - English-French (10+ years experience)
  • Freelance translator/reviser - French-English (10+ years experience)
  • Freelance translator/reviser - French-Spanish (10+ years experience)
  • Freelance translator/reviser - English-Spanish (10+ years experience)
  • Freelance translator/reviser - All Roman-script language pairs
  • Freelance translator/reviser - French/English-Chinese

Food for Thought

Examine the label. Ask yourself, Where was it made? How much does the person who produced it make per month? The answer: very possibly less than you make in an hour or two. Be a consumer, but be aware of the implications of your choices and the power you wield as a consumer.

  - David Shotlander, President, TWF Inc.

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